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Is Love Really Blind? The Effect of Emotional Brand Attachment on the Perceived Risk of Really New Products

November 20, 2020  / Khaled Aboulnasr and Gina Tran  / Tags: 2019, Marketing, LCOB Top Tier Award

This study investigates the role of emotional brand attachment in consumers’ evaluation of really new products (RNPs) that represent technological innovation. Utilizing survey data in a quantitative study approach, the researchers developed and tested a framework using structural equation modeling that included emotional brand attachment, brand trust, product incongruity, product familiarity, perceived risk, willingness to try, product evaluation and word-of-mouth intentions. Results support the role of brand attachment in the diffusion of technological innovation. Specifically, results show that brand attachment reduces perceived risk and increases brand trust. Both constructs shape willingness to try innovation, word-of-mouth intentions, and product evaluation.

Publication: Journal of Product & Brand Management

Authors: Khaled Aboulnasr and Gina Tran

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2019