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Academic Catalog

Information Systems and Analytics (M.S.) 2022-2023 Catalog Year
Lutgert College of Business
Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
  • Analytics Concentration
  • Information Systems Concentration

The Master of Science in Information Systems and Analytics (MS in ISA) program prepares students for leadership positions in which they can move beyond managing a business to improving it through information technology. The program helps build skills in the areas of Information Systems and Analytics. Technical topics such as Business Programming, Big Data Mgt, Predictive Analytics, IT infrastructure and Enterprise Systems Integration are combined with business issues, including managerial skills (project management) and ethics. The program welcomes students with diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

Program Admission Requirements

See program website at URL listed above.

Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all coursework in the program.
  • Satisfy all degree requirements within 7 years from the time of admission to the program.
  • Maintain minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale throughout the program (see the Probation/Dismissal section of the Graduate Student Guidebook).
  • A student who receives three grades of "C" or lower is automatically suspended from the program (see Probation/Dismissal section of the Graduate Student Guidebook).
  • Students may transfer a maximum of six credit hours of approved graduate level coursework from a regionally accredited institution. All transfer courses must have been completed within the past six years with a grade of B or higher. The evaluation of academic transcripts and articulation of transfer courses must be approved by the appropriate academic department. Refer to course waiver guidelines above.
Program Requirements
  1. Required Courses (15 credits)
    ISM 6121 Bus Proc Analysis & Innovation (3)
    ISM 6217 Data Management (3)
    ISM 6316 Project Management (3)
    ISM 6488 Information Technology Strategy (3)
    ISM 6251 Business Programming (3)

  2. Restricted Electives (3 credits)
    ISM 6946 Practicum in Info Systems (3)
    ISM 6945 Capstone Proj in IS/Analytics (3)

  3. Select one of the following concentrations:

    Analytics Concentration (12 credits)
    ISM 6562 Big Data Management (3)
    ISM 6136 Predictive Analytics (3)
    ISM 6404 BI and Visualization Tools (3)
    QMB 6303 Business Analytics (3)

    Information Systems Concentration (12 credits)
    ISM 6155 Enterprise Systems (3)
    ISM 6328 Cybersecurity (3)
    ISM 6226 IT Infrastructures & Networks (3)
    ISM 6239 Web, Mobile, & Social Technol. (3)
Total Credits Required: 30