Cannabis Professional Certificate

Continuing Education Professional Certificate in Cannabis Studies 

 The Cannabis Educational Certificate is offered through FGCU’s Continuing Education department. The intensive 5-day workshop is designed to meet the needs of those in the industry and community who want to increase their understanding of cannabis and its effects on the body, on society, and on the environment. The workshop will educate participants about the history of cannabis; cannabis laws and policies; the characteristics of the plant; cultivation and extraction techniques; the physiology, pharmacology, and medicinal uses of cannabis; cannabis as a business; and how to educate, advocate, and evaluate with regards to cannabis. 

Course Details
Date: February 29-March 4, 2020
Time: 8/9:00am-6:00pm
Location: FGCU Main Campus
Price: $1295

Program details 

The following course topics will be discussed: 

  • Cannabis and Society: History, Demographics of Use, Public Opinion, Laws and Policies

  • Cannabis: The Plant

  • Cannabis and the Body

  • Cannabis as a Business

  • How to be a CannaBoss: What to do with all this Information