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Summer 2022 Chemistry Boot Camp

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This three-day program is available to all incoming freshmen that will be taking Chemistry  in the Fall. These introductory courses can be challenging and can lead to a difficult start in college. The Department of Chemistry & Physics offers this Boot Camp to prepare students for General Chemistry I (CHM 1045).  The program will increase your performance throughout your time at FGCU and increases the likelihood of graduating in four years. It is a great way to meet other majors as well that will likely be in some of your classes with you.

Chemistry Boot Camp includes:

  • Sample lectures and class activities
  • Study skill exercises
  • Sample exams and assessment tools
  • Introduction to resources on campus
  • Meet Chemistry faculty

Benefits of participating:

  • Improve performance in all math classes
  • Improved likelihood of graduating in 4 years
  • Improved graduation rate
  • Build a network of friends to study with
  • Make life-long friends with similar interests

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Session offered to incoming FGCU Freshmen 

2022 Dates: Monday, August 15th through Wednesday, August 17th
Location: FGCU Main Campus, Seidler 336
Program Fee: $30

Additional Note: Students should bring a smart device to fully participate in all boot camp activities.

The program fee includes all workshops, orientation activities, lecture and lab activities and lunch on Wednesday.  The program fee does not include housing and other meals.



Camp & Registration Details


SCHEDULE: Be aware FGCU will organize many social activities that overlap with these dates. Additionally, Greek Life will begin their annual rush for new members during this week. Students participating in Boot Camp will not be available to participate in these social activities. Please consider this before registering for the program. No refunds are available after June 15.


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Contact information

For more information please contact Ian Campbell

This Boot Camp program is provided by the Department of Chemistry and Physics.