Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students at FGCU learn from professors that are leaders in their field. We are not afraid to dream big and work toward distant goals that have the potential to change the world. FGCU creates leaders. Are you ready to lead?

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Prospective graduate students must carefully read and understand the steps involved in the application process. This section provides the guides, forms and links to all the information to be successful.

Expectations of an FGCU Graduate Student

Graduate studies is serious business, and students are expected to manage their academic journey as an active participant so they get the most of their learning opportunities. Professors and advisors will guide you through the process and create opportunities for you to learn, explore, grow and develop the skills needed to graduate with an advanced degree in your area of study.

Successful FGCU graduate students must master and adapt in ways that help them to learn, understand data and synthesize research to strengthen their skills at each step of the academic journey.

You will have opportunities to lead research initiatives and work in collaborative settings with professors, other students, community leaders and various leaders that can shape your learning experience. You will be expected to seize the opportunities to be your best, grow, learn and take on new challenges.


Unlike other graduate programs, FGCU creates a collaborative environment for you to thrive. Although the academic journey will be challenging, FGCU provides the support and a wide range of student services to make your experience rewarding and life changing.